Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeding Time

If you know me, you know I like to eat. Well, I like to "snack." Mommy says I would snack all day if she let me. When it comes to actual meal times, I really prefer to just throw food on the floor and make a big mess. It's truly an art form and I am the best at it.

One time, I was "eating" dinner and had some mashed potatoes to play with. I smeared them around on my high chair tray and with one big swipe, everything landed on the floor. Mommy came over (yelling something about not throwing food on the floor) and started picking it all up. She always does that when I throw things on the floor. It's really fun.

So, when she bent down next to me in my high chair, I decided she would look a lot better with some mashed potatoes in her hair. I still had a big clump of them in my hand and her head was right there so I thought she wouldn't mind. I smooshed that big old clump of potatoes right into her hair. At first, I thought she would get mad because I think I scared her, but then she started laughing and went to show Daddy the great job I did smashing those mashed potatoes in her hair. Daddy thought she looked great and laughed, too.

I usually get pretty messy during these art sessions and I have to go straight into the bath after dinner. At other times, Mommy just cleans me up the best she can (I don't make it easy since I hate it when she wipes my face and hands) and sometimes has to change my clothes.

I really like to eat though... Here are some of my favorite foods:

Cheeseburgers... mmmmm...

And, I LOVE barbecue. We went to a Spears Family Reunion a little while ago and Daddy let me chew on one of his ribs. It was sooooo good, I didn't want to let it go!

A couple of weekends ago, Mommy and Daddy took me to a place they really like called Firehouse Subs. I got this cool fireman hat and they gave me another one of my favorite things: Cheetos!!

And finally, dessert. This is what happens when Mommy lets me feed myself chocolate pudding...

I know, I made a huge mess that time. But, NONE of it ended up on the floor! I'll have to do better next time.