Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Punkin Pants

All week last week, Mommy kept talking about wanting to take me to the Punkin Pants.  She would ask Daddy a billion times if we were going to the Punkin Pants this weekend and tell me how much fun we would have at the Punkin Pants.  I was starting to wonder if Mommy had gone a little crazy over this whole Punkin Pants thing.

Well, we finally did go to the Punkin Pants this weekend, two of them actually, and it was pretty fun!

The first one we went to was just a small one by Nana's house.  It was just me and Mommy and Nana.  There were so many punkins to look at!

Okay, that last one is not actually a punkin.  Nana called it a "gooord" or something like that, but I thought it was pretty neat looking.

And I, of course, had to see what one tasted like...

It wasn't very good.  I don't recommend it.

After all that punkin inspection, Mommy said she wanted to take a cute picture of me on the hay bales with all the punkins, but this is what I thought of that:

So, Nana and I went to play on the soccer fields while Mommy chased us with that camera thing like she always does.

The next day, we went to a HUGE Punkin Pants Festival!  There were so many more punkins and people and things to do!  And, of course, more punkins and goooords to taste!  (They didn't taste very good here either, but I had to try.)

I even got to ride in a little wagon while Daddy pulled it.  That was so fun, I hope Mommy and Daddy get me my own wagon soon!

I started trying some cool, daredevil moves while riding in the wagon and Mommy got nervous... she found one with rails on it so I couldn't do much more than just sit and ride.

The punkin pantses was real fun this weekend, but I think I'm about punkin'd out!


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Kathy said...

so glad you had fun at the punkin pants! Nana had fun too! I know you will love eating punkin pie at can actually eat punkin! Love you, Nana K