Monday, December 15, 2008

Mommy's Little CEO

The day before Thanksgiving, Mommy had to take me to her office for part of the morning. I love going to the office with Mommy because there is so much to get in to. Mommy says she can't get anything done while I'm there, but she sure does a lot making sure I don't touch anything or play with all the cool stuff!

Mommy had to go into a meeting while I was there and I got to come, too! While Mommy and her co-worker were talking with their boss, I wandered around and looked for something to play with. I also made a poo while they were talking. Mommy noticed, I could tell because of the way she was looking at me when I poo'd. Then, her boss must have smelled it because he asked her if I had pooped. Mommy turned bright red and tried not to laugh.

After the meeting was over, Mommy changed my diaper right there in her office. She said that was the best place to do it, since the bathroom doesn't have a diaper changing station. Then she let me help her with some of her work.

Here are a couple of pics from my hard day at the office:

Here's some of my "paperwork" (Mommy says she thinks it looks a bit like a whale):

This "work" thing doesn't seem as hard as Mommy and Daddy make it out to be...



Aunt Manda said...

Bwahaha! Don't worry, Jax-man. I've been in meetings with all grown ups and I'm pretty sure some of them poo'd their pants too.

Kathy said...

You look ready to take over! Don't worry about the pooh pants. There have been plenty of times when Nana was ready to pooh her pants! Love the whale! Tell 'em all to get to work! Love, Nana